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Skin Whitening Methods

A Global Overview of the Various Skin Whitening Methods – Meladerm Cream Review

Skin bleaching is widespread in Asia and parts of Africa and has gained popularity in the U.S.. This is a contrast to the concept of skin tanning as an ideal that exists in the U.S. and Europe, especially among Caucasians people. There are several methods to whiten skin.

One possibility is to obtain a prescription from a dermatologist. Other techniques include bleaching creams and lightening lotions like a Meladerm cream (read Meladerm reviews here) that can be bought without prescription. However these products should be used with caution.

Component facts

Ingredients found in most products used for skin whitening contains hydroquinone. In fact, hydroquinone is the only FDA-approved product used to whiten skin. Other ingredients that are popular in skin whitening products extract of licorice root, azeleic acid, Kojic acid and Vitamin C.

It is recommended that people first see a dermatologist to discuss the various methods available for skin whitening. Many products can cause skin irritation. A dermatologist can determine the best product to use and prescribe something suitable for the type of human skin.

Skin lightening special diet

One way to achieve an effective skin by visiting a dermatologist. Recipe foods contain more than hydroquinone retail products. The standard amount of hydroquinone in a prescription drug to 4 percent, the highest allowable.

Many foods contain a mixture recipe ingredients like hydroquinone and glycolic acid. The combination generally makes the product more effective, but may increase irritation.


There is controversy about the use of hydroquinone. The FDA has approved it for use in the U.S. but could not prove that he has no cancer risk to humans. In studies on animals have been shown to cause mutations that can lead to cancer.

Natural ways to lighten up skin

Lemon juice is a natural astringent that was used as a skin lightener for decades (see article here). As a binder, it can be very dry skin. To use it, use four or five drops of lemon juice directly on your skin, avoiding eye area. When the juice is absorbed by the skin, which should take about seven minutes, apply a rich moisturizer. People with sensitive or very dry skin should not use this method because it can be drying and irritating the skin.

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Snacking – The Silent Diet Killer & How To Lose Weight With Phen375 Pills

Over the past few weeks I have not seen the results I wanted. It has now been a month since I returned from holiday and I still have not lost the excess weight that I gained while I was away.

Obvious Indulgences v Small Snacks

Some things that kill a diet seem to shout very loudly. That yummy pizza from Dominos with extra cheese and meatballs screams “Hey look at me! Look at all this saturated fat, it’s going straight to those hips!” I’ve had more than one pizza since I got back from holiday and various other very obvious indulgences which have obviously hurt my progress but the really dangerous culprit is the one that doesn’t shout, the one that sits there innocently… “but I’m just a little biscuit, only 35 calories, I won’t hurt you. EEEEEAAAATTT MEEEEE!”I know I snack, the questions I need to ask myself are why do I snack and how much damage does it do to my fat loss goals?

Snacking Out of Habit

This one has been getting worse for but at least I can recognize it. I have started to see patterns in my behavior where I snack at certain times on certain things. Here are a few examples:When I get back to work after a hard session at the gym I often get my favorite “Expresso Choc” from the coffee machine. ~60 calories.

As I walk past reception I sometimes grab a sweet from the bowl that the receptionist leaves out. Toffees are a particular weakness. I nearly always do this late in the afternoon. ~40 calories per sweet.When I get home from work I’m  getting into the habit of grabbing a biscuit, or 2 or 3. ~50 calories each.What’s disturbing about habitual snacking is that every time I do it I am reinforcing the habit. I’ve read about habit forming and breaking in the past and what is usually suggested is not to try and simply break a habit, but instead to replace a bad habit with a good one. This is why “quitting” habits are so difficult because very often the thing you want to quit, such as a cigarette, does not have a simple replacement.

And so it is with snacking. However let’s not be negative here. The coffee is an easy one. When I get back from the gym I am still thirsty so the obvious replacement to make is a glass of water instead. The others are tricker but they could be due to another cause of snacking…

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The Emotional Snack

I’m not sure emotional is the right word to use here but I am thinking in terms of emotional eating that Tom Venuto talked about recently on his blog. Actually in that post he classifies eating out of habit as emotional eating too. What I mean by it, is those times when you eat to make yourself feel better in some way. For me this is usually when:

  • I’m tired, I grab for a sugary pick-me-up
  • I’m ill, I want comfort food
  • I’m bored, eating is just something to do

I was going to write a separate post about the effects of tiredness on our eating habits but I’m now starting to think that it is not tiredness specifically but simply not feeling at our best.

When I’m feeling really good physically I can have great workouts, I seem to possess strong will power and I have no problem sticking to my planned food. But as my mood is worsened for whatever reason I just start snacking.  I’m sure I am not the only one that does this.

How Much Damage is Done by Snacking?

I actually tracked this a few weeks ago. In a little notebook I wrote down everything that I ate or drank that was not planned and measured or estimated the calories used up. I was shocked to find that I was eating 300-400 calories a day on small things that I didn’t even think about. Considering that my calorie deficit is only setup to be 500 calories a day you can see how this snacking alone sabotaged almost all of my efforts. Add in the odd missed exercise session and there is no progress at all. Add a pizza or some other large indulgence into the mix and not only do I not have a fat loss but I have a gain instead! Wow, something has to be done…

Taking Responsibility For Our Eating

In Tom’s post he talks about a new programme that will soon be available to help end emotional eating. That doesn’t help me right now though. One thing he touches on is that relying on willpower alone will not work; that you have to engage your mind as well. This ties in with something I listened to in my car a few days ago – taking responsibility. Ultimately I am responsible for what I eat. Nobody forces me, and I cook all my own food so it is easier for me to control my eating than some other people who have food prepared for them by somebody else.

Sometimes, quite often in fact, I do not feel physically at my best. The everyday challenges of life such as the day job, traffic jams, 2 year old’s just wear you down sometimes. But that stuff happens daily and then on top of all that stuff are the bigger things like birthdays and anniversaries. If everything has to be just perfect in order for us to be able to follow our fat loss plans we’ll be waiting a long time. Stuff just happens, there’s always a thing. There’s always a crappy dat at work, or a crappy drive home etc etc.

But if we let these things get in the way and refuse to take responsibility for our own behaviors then who will? Nobody! We are adults now. I can control what my son eats because he is only 2. I can ensure he has a balanced diet and that he doesn’t eat too much sugar but nobody is going to do that for me. I’m on my own now and so are you!

There are obviously some tools and tricks that we can use us reach our goals but if we don’t take responsibility first then none of that will matter. So, with that out of the way, what can I do on a practical level to sort out my snacking problem?

Banning Snacks Altogether

For some people, the only way to deal with harmful foods is to cut them out altogether. I have tried this and it didn’t work for me, it simply led to bingeing. Tom has a list of foods that we should never eat, and when I look at this the idea of going without that food for the rest of my life is just too horrible!

Incorporating Snacks Into the Calorie Allowance

This is what I am going to try next. I have tinkered with this idea in the past. One of the problems has been that on those days that I do feel really great I don’t want to snack but that tends to lead to the bingeing a few days later. Another problem is that there are lots of different kinds of snacks and some are worse than other calorie wise. How many calories should I allow, and how do I deal with these differences? Another thing I did in the past is tried to plan my snacks in with my other food. For example on one day I only had a few calories so I allowed a small cake that was 40 calories and on another day I allowed for something else. But this doesn’t really work either because due to the very nature of snacking, I want to eat the thing that takes my fancy at the time, and not necessarily what I planned!

Seems I want it all don’t I? Well yes I guess I do but I’m trying to find a compromise. The approach I’ll take next week is to try to leave around 100 calories a day for snacks and then each day I’ll just have something that is around that much such as a couple of sweets, or a mini chocolate bar etc. I could also bring some chocolate into work with me so if I get the urge at work I have something there. That might help with the biscuit snacking I do as soon as I get home.

It’s a real nuisance to mess with my calories because it means that I have to go fiddling with my recipes again but I must do something because this snacking has certainly become out of control!

Acne around mouth

Effective Ways To Get Rid of Mouth Acne With Exposed Skin Care

Many of you are desperate to find out the best ways to get rid of acne around mouth. Fungal infection is one of the main reason for the acne around mouth. It is also called as the “candida albicans” which can occur naturally in your skin and lives on the mucus membranes of your mouth. This fungus can increase rapidly if you do not take the prevention steps. This can cause the outbreak of acne around your mouth. You will feel the pain whilst you are moving your lips. This can cause frustration, hesitation and embarrassment.

There are many treatments and home remedies for acne around mouth. The important treatment to cure acne around mouth is to eat a nutritious diet. This should be a combination of fruits, vegetables, vitamin A and vitamin B. You must strictly avoid eating junk food items and high sugar foods which are not healthy. You have to choose the right type of treatments to cure the acne acne. You have to select the treatments that will suit your skin tone and condition.

  1. You have to increase also the intake of water. If you drink a lot of water regularly it can give you the young and healthy skin. You have to at least drink a minimum of 5-8 glasses of water daily. This will help you keep hydrated. You should only use antibacterial soaps that are available in the market today. You have to wash your face with this soap constantly to remove the bacteria, dead skin cells and oils stored on the acne.
  2. The important thing that you should do is to stop using fluoridated toothpaste if you have the acne near your lips. The chemical fluoride presented in the many different toothpastes are ideal to maintain a good oral hygiene. However, it is not suitable for your skin because it can irritate your skin. It will also cause small bumps near your lips. You can use a herbal or normal toothpaste, which is safe to your skin.
  3. You can get rid of acne around mouth using a simple home remedies techniques that can be done while you are at home. You have to mix warm water and baking soda and form it in the paste form. You should apply it on the affected acne regions. You have to leave it for a minimum of 10-15 minutes before you wash it off with warm water. You can form the paste by mixing two tablespoons baking soda and two cups of warm water.
  4. You can do the baking soda spot treatment, which is an effective way to get rid of acne. You should mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of calamine lotion. You have to apply this directly into the acne affected regions using a cotton swab. You have to apply this before you are going to sleep. You can wash it off later in the morning.
  5. You should clean your mouth after drinking or eating with a clean tissue. This will help remove the tiny food particles stored around your lips. This will prevent the bacteria, breakouts and oils that can cause acne around mouth. You can make this as a regular healthy eating habit in your diet routine.
  6. You should clean off your toothbrush and lightly brush your lips after you cleaned your teeth every day. You have to do this for a minimum of two times a day. This will help get rid your lips of the gunk that produced every day. You can get a healthy skin and the lips will also turn into dazzling hot pink color. This will also help stop the excess oil production made in the acne around mouth.
  7. You should clean the skin around your skin with the tepid water and a mild pH balanced non-comedogenic cleanser. You should avoid scrub brushes, abrasive clothes and scrubbing cleansers. You should also avoid very cold and warm water. This can irritates the skin which will not help you achieve your goal successfully. This is one of the best technique to find out how to remove acne.In the matter of acne, there is no 100% ensured cure which will work for everyone. The trap is to confirm what intensifies your acne better or through experimentation, and through testing safe cures and medications suggested by trusted sources, for example your specialist or a dermatologist. It is also very important to select the right type holistic acne product in the market today.

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Acne During Pregnancy

Acne During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a magical time for many women. They are about to take the next step in their own life and to produce a new one at the same time. However, pregnancy can also cause some stress for others and therefore acne. Acne during pregnancy is a very common struggle for women both that have had acne in the past and those who have not.

If you are pregnant and you are struggling with acne, you are probably very concerned about what products or medication to take. Acne during pregnancy can be treated with products that are approved for pregnant women. Remember though, before taking any product or medication to consult a doctor to make sure it is safe for you.

There are topical medications that have been proven safe for women who are battling acne during pregnancy. These medications include Benzoyl Peroxide or Azelaic acid. Oral medications should only be taken if your doctor prescribes it to you and if he or she does, it most likely will only be if your acne is very severe.

If you want to avoid over the counter topical medications, you also have the choice of herbal remedies to combat acne during pregnancy. Here again, make sure that you consult a doctor prior to taking any herbal remedy. Do not believe that just because the package states that it is herbal or organic that it really is safe for you. Your doctor will be able to give you the information you need to make a safe choice for you.

If you are able to wait it out, acne does tend to clear on it own as your pregnancy progresses.  Due to increased levels of estrogen, some women experience even clearer skin in the second or third trimester than they did before they were pregnant. Acne during pregnancy is not always a bad thing!The final part of the regimen for how to clear acne is moisturizer. Many do not know how important moisturizer is for the regimen and for fighting acne. Moisturizer helps to heal the skin and to rid of the dryness that the acne medication can produce.

If you are very concerned about your acne during pregnancy and you do not want to wait until your second or third trimester, remember that you can fight it. Just work with your doctor to ensure that you are taking the correct precautions for yourself and for your new baby.

acne water

3 Tips For Naturally Removing Acne Simply And Easily

Acne can happen for any number of reasons. But when it happens, you shouldn’t be asking yourself why it happens, instead, you should be figuring out what to do to make it go away. And this is what this article will help you to do. In this article, you will learn 3 tips for removing acne naturally, so that you can live a more healthier life without acne.

TIP #1: Eat right

Believe it or not, eating right can help you with your acne. And an even bigger benefit of eating right is that it’s healthy for you overall, so you win in 2 ways. Foods that are organic can be found in any health food store, so you should start to get on this trend also so that you can eat your favorite foods – but eat them healthier.

The good thing about organic foods is that they’re not processed. Harmful chemical that can be bad for your skin are not included in the making of organic foods. Therefore, alot of pesticides and other toxins that would usually be included in your favorite foods are not there – which is good for your health, along with your skin.

But aside from organic foods, you should also eat alot of vegetables also that are good for you. These include broccoli, green beans, spinach, zucchini, and others that taste great and can be good for your health.

TIP #2: Drink water

Drinking water is an excellent way to get rid of your acne, but you have to drink 8 glasses of water each day for it to be effective. You should already be drinking 8 glasses of water each day, so if you aren’t already doing this, then you have an even better reason to drink the recommended amount of water that you should be drinking everyday.

Water purifies your body. The more you consume water, the more water will help you to clean the inside of your body. With this cleansing process in place, it will trickle out to your skin, and will help to clean the pores of your skin. This is great for a natural acne treatment, and is excellent for your health overall – so you win in two ways with this technique.

TIP #3) Use a good multivitamin

You can actually reduce the chances of getting acne with a good multivitamin. With a good multivitamin, you get all of the essential vitamins and minerals that you need to stay healthy. And in the case of acne, the vitamins that you need that will be effective for your acne are vitamins A, B, B5, B6, B12, and E – all of which a good multivitamin will have.

So instead of going to the store and purchasing these vitamins individually, select a good multivitamin to do the job instead. This way you save money, all while getting the multivitamins you should be taking on a daily basis.

Acne is a condition is becoming more understood by doctors and scientists, and more treatments will be developed to tackle this challenging condition. In the meantime, you can help improve your condition by using natural solutions like the ones found in this article. In no time at all, you will see your skin’s health become better and better as time passes. Good luck!

Oily Skin

Get Rid of Oily Skin With These Tips

While not all acne patients suffer from oily skin, a majority of us do. Of all skin types, oily skin proves to be the most problematic as it usually leads to acne. People with oily skin also tend to have a greasy, dull and dark complexion. On the flip side though, oily skin doesn’t age or wrinkle that easily.

Many people often mistaken oily skin with combination skin. For me personally, I used to have oily skin. This meant that all parts of my face were oily – the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks, temples, practically everywhere! I required about 3-4 sheets of blotting paper each time to completely remove the oils on my face so you can imagine how disgustingly oily it used to be. Combination skin is slightly different however, only certain parts of the face are oily (usually the T-zone) and other parts of the face may be dry or normal.

To make matters worse, some acne patients also have sensitive skin (I do, too). This makes caring for acne even more challenging because the wrong kind of acne treatment or simply overdoing it may cause the skin to become red and irritated.

For years I’ve battled with oily skin, never failing to try every option I know of that’s available on the market. Here are some oily skin remedies which are affordable and may just work for you:

1. Astringent Toners

While astringent toners can reduce oiliness, the effects may not last long. For people with sensitive skin, applying an astringent toner may cause the skin to tingle and turn red. Dr. Cambio, WebMD, says, “I’m not a big fan of astringent toners because they tend to irritate the skin and can lead to more oil production.” She would only recommend applying it on oily areas of the skin such as the forehead, nose and chin.

I’ve tried Neutrogena’s Clear Pore Oil Eliminating Astringent and while it did help to clear the oil, I didn’t quite like the sensation from it. Astringents are normally made from alcohol which sometimes tend to over-dry the skin.

2. Blotting Paper

Blotting paper is a great option for removing oil as they will not dry out the skin. It’s convenient to carry around and use but unfortunately, the effects don’t really last long. A touch up with blotting paper normally keeps me going for another 1-2 hours before the oil starts to build again. Nevertheless, it’s still a cheap option that does work.Some types of blotting paper even comes with powder to give you an additional matte finish. For example, the Palladio Oil Absorbing Rice Paper Tissues with Rice Powder.

3. Masks and Clays

I find that masks and clays containing sulfur and kaolin work best for oily skin. It really helps to draw out the excess oils and clean pores. I usually mask on alternate days of the week, with a moisturizing mask in between applications to prevent my skin from over-drying.

Some people also find success in using egg masks in which I can second. My beautician used to add an egg into her mask mixture each time to create some sort of a peel-off mask which did help the oiliness to some extent.

4. Milk of Magnesia

While Milk of Magnesia may have gotten mixed reviews, those who have experienced success with it seem to be very happy with the results. Also known as magnesium hydroxide, this is actually a form of medicine used as a hydrating laxative and an antacid to relieve uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms and constipation. It is not a dairy product, but rather a milky white liquid, which is what contributes to its nickname.

It works great as a makeup primer or base and helps to keep your makeup matte. However, I would recommend applying this on oily areas of the skin only to prevent irritation.

5. Black Soap

Black soap, or African Black Soap, has been used for generations by Ghanaians as a natural remedy for acne, eczema, body odor, and to alleviate oily skin. Black soap can also be used as a makeup remover and as a cleanser for oily skin and has been known to leave your skin soft and clear.

Pure or raw black soap (comes in a dark brown color as shown in the photo) is recommended as it does not contain dyes or preservatives. It may sting the eyes, so it is advisable to lather the black soap on a washcloth instead of applying it directly to your face.I hope you enjoyed the different oily skin products I’ve recommended above and hopefully, they can help get rid of your oily skin. Good luck!


Is Sulfur Good For Treating Acne?

If you have been suffering from acne for any amount of time, you know how annoying and frustrating it can be to try all the different methods out there with no success. Acne can be a serious problem for teens and even older adults, and there are many products out there that claim to be effective against acne, but how can you be sure?

Fortunately, you can know which types of products will work best for you. One such factor that will help is sulfur, which is found in many skin care products and acne treatments. Below is some information about sulfur as it relates to treating acne.

Definition: What Is it?

In the strictest sense, sulfur is an element that is commonly found in nature, in everything from rocks to pure deposits of sulfur in a cave, for example. Sulfur also has a very distinct smell, but unfortunately that smell is not very pleasant. Luckily the skin care products that contain sulfur have a scented aspect that covers its odor. In the realm of acne treatments, sulfur is found as an active ingredient in many different products, from pad systems to cream solutions. Keep in mind that rubbing pure sulfur on your skin would be a very bad idea. Sulfur has been used historically to treat a wide variety of skin problems, from rosacea to warts, and also helps with dandruff. Until the past couple of centuries, the substance has been called brimstone.

The Science of It: How Does it Work? – The Complicated Technical Part

Sulfur works through a drying and peeling process. This doesn’t sound helpful at first, but if you suffer from mild to moderate acne, it’s actually a good thing. The drying action helps reduce the oil in your skin, which is known to aid in acne development by clogging up pores and making them prime targets for pimples or blackheads. The peeling helps to get rid of dead skin cells faster, which can also block pores and cause problems.

It’s All About the Results: What Can I Expect? – The Good and the Bad

Sulfur based products have seen generally positive results in treating acne. Because the ingredient takes away skin oil and other contaminants, it helps to keep your pores clear and prevent future outbreaks. It is especially effective when combined with other acne fighting methods, especially an exfoliator or antibiotic.

Let’s Stack it Against the Others: How Does it Compare? – Pros vs. Cons

When it comes to conventional methods for treating acne, sulfur is a good choice for reducing skin oil and getting rid of dead skin cells. However, it is not as effective at getting rid of existing acne; it is used more as a preventative measure, and not to eliminate acne that’s already there. In this respect, it could be said that other treatment methods would be more effective than sulfur.

I’ve Got Money to Spend: Is It Worth It and Does it Have a High Value?

Products with sulfur as an active ingredient are generally inexpensive, and for the purpose they serve, they have a generally good value. Such products can range from a few dollars on the shelf to a more high end solution that could cost much more. But for the most part, sulfur based products do have a good value.

Alright, You’ve Convinced Me: Where Can I Find It Today?

You can find many products that use sulfur on the shelf of any department or convenience store. Just head to the cosmetics area and check out the back of most of the skin care items, and you’re likely to see sulfur listed. It’s a common ingredient, and if you’re wanting to try it for your acne, it won’t be difficult at all to find.

As you can see from the above reasons, sulfur can be a valuable addition to any acne fighting program, with its ability to clear pores and get rid of dead skin cells. If you haven’t considered a sulfur based product to treat your acne, then it may be in your best interest to head to the store and pick up something that contains this helpful ingredient.

Treat Adult Acne

How to Treat Adult Acne

If you think adult acne is just a myth, you’re wrong. Although adult acne most commonly attacks women, but there’s also high possibility for men to get this one of the most problematic skin complexions. The methods of how to treat adult acne are various, but remember that this type of acne is different with teen acne so it requires different tricks to overcome this problem. When we were teenagers, using products with high salicylic acid content is fine, because our skin were relatively thick. However, as people age, the skin thins out so it becomes more sensitive to certain substance.

TIP: Get rid of acne with Exposed Skin Care

What Causes Adult Acne?

Before you get into tricks of how to treat adult acne, knowing the core problem will help you to solve it better. The main suspect of adult acne is blocked pores that trapped oil and dead cells and bacteria inside your skin and cause breakouts.Adult acne mostly occurs also because of hormonal changes. We know as women age, they’ll experience menopause, or pregnancy, causing the hormones to change and affects its functions. It is also very important to watch out your lifestyle, as too much stress can also be the suspect for adult acne to emerge.

  • Clean your face not more than twice a day

Don’t over-rubbing, over-scrubbing, and over-treating your skin, mostly because it can make the condition worsen; over-touching your skin can cause irritation and worsen breakouts.

  • Don’t use too many skin product

You may get frustrated over this annoying skin problem, but using too many skin products is not a solution. Instead, it can cause a lot more problems because your skin receive too many unknown substance and get irritated.

  • Apply topical cream

If you are struggling with adult acne, the best way to get rid of it is by using topical medication. However, keep in mind that adult skin is more sensitive, so make sure you use cream with skin-friendly ingredients. Choose one with low-level benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid contents that will work excellently against blocked pores, exfoliate skin, and calming your skin. Using tea tree oil can also help to reduce adult acne naturally and reduce inflammation.

  • Try to Stress Less

As stress is one of the biggest suspects that cause adult acne, try to stress less by having enough sleep and not over-thinking anything. Also pay attention to what you eat because it strongly affects your hormones and overall skin appearance.

  • Keep your skin hydrated

If you think strip oils from your skin is one of the methods in how to treat adult acne, think again. Removing oil will only causes glands to over-producing more oils. It is best to use safe moisturizer product and sun protection when you have activity outside.

Lighten Breast Surgery Scars

How to Lighten Breast Surgery Scars

Do you suffer from dark breast surgery scars? Although breast surgery has evolved a lot over time, breast surgical scars are still a concern for a lot of women who underwent a breast operation. As for breast augmentation, reduction, lifting or reconstruction each body is different and react accordingly.

Scars caused by breast surgery are very common: they can be very subtle and almost invisible or present a dark coloration which make them more visible. Products exists on the market to prevent or minimize the effect of such scars.

Breast surgery scars aspect will be darker depending on:

  • Ethnicity: asian, latin and african skin complexions are more prone to darker scars.
  • Age: Younger people experience bigger and darker scars. But scars are not set once for all as they continue to evolve and fade slightly by the time.

In the case of breast surgery, scars around nipples won’t be very noticeable because they blend well with the natural color of the areola. Contrasting with that, vertical scars or scar located under breast are more visible because of the color difference.

Various over the counter treatments exist for healing scars resulting from surgery, acne, or accidents. Here’s a selection from the most prescribed and popular products.

Silicone gel sheeting

Silicone gel sheets are just like a big bandage that helps heal the scar locally, nourishing and stimulating the skin during the healing process.

Scar Away Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets

ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets is recommended on raised or discolored scars like keloids and hypertrophic scars that can typically result from a plastic surgery, injuries and burns. It may also be used to help in avoiding scars from forming on newly healed wounds. Optimal result show after 12 weeks.

Creams and lotions

Fading creams and lotions are generally recommended by doctors because they are readily available, affordable and well tolerated by patients in most cases. Most popular and efficient brands might be certainly Bio-oil and Mederma.

Bio-Oil PurCellin Oil

This treating oil is clinically proven to reduce appearance of scars and stretch marks, especially darker regenerated tissues. Aims to reduce appearance of scars and stretch marks, and improves uneven skin tone. Read reviews and get prices on

Mederma Skin Care for Scars

Mederma is formulated with Cepalin Botanical Extract. Mederma is well know by doctors & pharmacists that recommend this product for scars. The texture is a greaseless gel that is easy to apply. Mederma works for old and new scars resulting from: surgery, injury, burns, acne, stretch marks. In our concern about dark scars on breast after plastic surgery, it helps old and new scars appear lighter, softer and smoother.

Tri-Luma, a treatment under doctor prescription, is combination of tretinoin (Retin-A), hydroquinone (bleaching cream), and a very subtle concentration of steroid. It is occasionally recommended for darker skinned patients.

Did you ever hear about a good product for lightening up and fade scars resulting from breast surgical intervention? Share your views in the comments and we’ll add them to update the post.


Breast Actives – Sad Over Super Small Breasts?

Breast Actives are known to be without any negative effects to the user and efficient as acclaimed by many consumers and hence, it is registered under the Federal Drug and Food Administrative Body that clarifies the healthy and secure use of various foods and drugs for consumers.

With the societal pressure of gaining the perfect body image which is appealing and well accepted today, women go the extra mile to restructure and reshape their body to confine to the accepted expectations of their partners and the society. Increased breast size is part of the equation in which a woman with a bigger or larger breast size is seen as being sexy, very attractive and alluring. Gaining an increased cup sizes could be done through breast augmentation surgery or through natural remedy in which breast actives enhancement pills comes in handy.

Today, breast enhancement surgery has become more expensive and often times risky which encourages the use of enhancement pills or other remedies which is easier, healthier, no pain attached and very cheap for anyone. As these pills are naturally made with herbs, they are a lot easier to use without any side effects than going under the knife.

This breast enhancement pills contains thirty tablets in a container and should be taken two tablets everyday to see results in the first thirty days and to be continued till ninety days. At the same time, it is advised to seek a health provider first before taking the pills to prevent any problems. The natural ingredients involved in the production of this enhancement products are various plants, herbs, roots and seeds which are phytoestrogenic in nature, meaning that they mimic the exact activities of the estrogen in women. Such ingredients like the dandelion roots, blessed thistle, fenugreek, fennel seed, dong quai among others. These are well purified and regarded very safe for use.

Those who can use this pill to attain the desired breast size includes those with tiny breast size, those who wants to increase to a bigger cup size, those with sagging breast appearance and wants to have a firmer appearance without undergoing surgery to achieve it.

It has been proven a healthy and safer route to undertake as said by many women that used the product who are happy with the visible results.However to be on the safe side, women lactating and those pregnant should refrain from the use of the product, some people are prohibited to use the product to avoid problems, but should consult their doctors first before taking it, such as those with certain diseases that are already on drugs for the illness such as cancer, diabetes and others. But those ob birth controls can use it as it does not affect the effects of the pills.

However, breast actives natural enhancement pills is a non surgical remedy to small breast. Women from different races, status, and background, all can afford to use the pills to attain the best body look they want at anytime since it is cheap and does not have any health problems related to it.

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