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Treat Adult Acne

How to Treat Adult Acne

If you think adult acne is just a myth, you’re wrong. Although adult acne most commonly attacks women, but there’s also high possibility for men to get this one of the most problematic skin complexions. The methods of how to treat adult acne are various, but remember that this type of acne is different with teen acne so it requires different tricks to overcome this problem. When we were teenagers, using products with high salicylic acid content is fine, because our skin were relatively thick. However, as people age, the skin thins out so it becomes more sensitive to certain substance.

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What Causes Adult Acne?

Before you get into tricks of how to treat adult acne, knowing the core problem will help you to solve it better. The main suspect of adult acne is blocked pores that trapped oil and dead cells and bacteria inside your skin and cause breakouts.Adult acne mostly occurs also because of hormonal changes. We know as women age, they’ll experience menopause, or pregnancy, causing the hormones to change and affects its functions. It is also very important to watch out your lifestyle, as too much stress can also be the suspect for adult acne to emerge.

  • Clean your face not more than twice a day

Don’t over-rubbing, over-scrubbing, and over-treating your skin, mostly because it can make the condition worsen; over-touching your skin can cause irritation and worsen breakouts.

  • Don’t use too many skin product

You may get frustrated over this annoying skin problem, but using too many skin products is not a solution. Instead, it can cause a lot more problems because your skin receive too many unknown substance and get irritated.

  • Apply topical cream

If you are struggling with adult acne, the best way to get rid of it is by using topical medication. However, keep in mind that adult skin is more sensitive, so make sure you use cream with skin-friendly ingredients. Choose one with low-level benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid contents that will work excellently against blocked pores, exfoliate skin, and calming your skin. Using tea tree oil can also help to reduce adult acne naturally and reduce inflammation.

  • Try to Stress Less

As stress is one of the biggest suspects that cause adult acne, try to stress less by having enough sleep and not over-thinking anything. Also pay attention to what you eat because it strongly affects your hormones and overall skin appearance.

  • Keep your skin hydrated

If you think strip oils from your skin is one of the methods in how to treat adult acne, think again. Removing oil will only causes glands to over-producing more oils. It is best to use safe moisturizer product and sun protection when you have activity outside.

Lighten Breast Surgery Scars

How to Lighten Breast Surgery Scars

Do you suffer from dark breast surgery scars? Although breast surgery has evolved a lot over time, breast surgical scars are still a concern for a lot of women who underwent a breast operation. As for breast augmentation, reduction, lifting or reconstruction each body is different and react accordingly.

Scars caused by breast surgery are very common: they can be very subtle and almost invisible or present a dark coloration which make them more visible. Products exists on the market to prevent or minimize the effect of such scars.

Breast surgery scars aspect will be darker depending on:

  • Ethnicity: asian, latin and african skin complexions are more prone to darker scars.
  • Age: Younger people experience bigger and darker scars. But scars are not set once for all as they continue to evolve and fade slightly by the time.

In the case of breast surgery, scars around nipples won’t be very noticeable because they blend well with the natural color of the areola. Contrasting with that, vertical scars or scar located under breast are more visible because of the color difference.

Various over the counter treatments exist for healing scars resulting from surgery, acne, or accidents. Here’s a selection from the most prescribed and popular products.

Silicone gel sheeting

Silicone gel sheets are just like a big bandage that helps heal the scar locally, nourishing and stimulating the skin during the healing process.

Scar Away Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets

ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets is recommended on raised or discolored scars like keloids and hypertrophic scars that can typically result from a plastic surgery, injuries and burns. It may also be used to help in avoiding scars from forming on newly healed wounds. Optimal result show after 12 weeks.

Creams and lotions

Fading creams and lotions are generally recommended by doctors because they are readily available, affordable and well tolerated by patients in most cases. Most popular and efficient brands might be certainly Bio-oil and Mederma.

Bio-Oil PurCellin Oil

This treating oil is clinically proven to reduce appearance of scars and stretch marks, especially darker regenerated tissues. Aims to reduce appearance of scars and stretch marks, and improves uneven skin tone. Read reviews and get prices on

Mederma Skin Care for Scars

Mederma is formulated with Cepalin Botanical Extract. Mederma is well know by doctors & pharmacists that recommend this product for scars. The texture is a greaseless gel that is easy to apply. Mederma works for old and new scars resulting from: surgery, injury, burns, acne, stretch marks. In our concern about dark scars on breast after plastic surgery, it helps old and new scars appear lighter, softer and smoother.

Tri-Luma, a treatment under doctor prescription, is combination of tretinoin (Retin-A), hydroquinone (bleaching cream), and a very subtle concentration of steroid. It is occasionally recommended for darker skinned patients.

Did you ever hear about a good product for lightening up and fade scars resulting from breast surgical intervention? Share your views in the comments and we’ll add them to update the post.


Breast Actives – Sad Over Super Small Breasts?

Breast Actives are known to be without any negative effects to the user and efficient as acclaimed by many consumers and hence, it is registered under the Federal Drug and Food Administrative Body that clarifies the healthy and secure use of various foods and drugs for consumers.

With the societal pressure of gaining the perfect body image which is appealing and well accepted today, women go the extra mile to restructure and reshape their body to confine to the accepted expectations of their partners and the society. Increased breast size is part of the equation in which a woman with a bigger or larger breast size is seen as being sexy, very attractive and alluring. Gaining an increased cup sizes could be done through breast augmentation surgery or through natural remedy in which breast actives enhancement pills comes in handy.

Today, breast enhancement surgery has become more expensive and often times risky which encourages the use of enhancement pills or other remedies which is easier, healthier, no pain attached and very cheap for anyone. As these pills are naturally made with herbs, they are a lot easier to use without any side effects than going under the knife.

This breast enhancement pills contains thirty tablets in a container and should be taken two tablets everyday to see results in the first thirty days and to be continued till ninety days. At the same time, it is advised to seek a health provider first before taking the pills to prevent any problems. The natural ingredients involved in the production of this enhancement products are various plants, herbs, roots and seeds which are phytoestrogenic in nature, meaning that they mimic the exact activities of the estrogen in women. Such ingredients like the dandelion roots, blessed thistle, fenugreek, fennel seed, dong quai among others. These are well purified and regarded very safe for use.

Those who can use this pill to attain the desired breast size includes those with tiny breast size, those who wants to increase to a bigger cup size, those with sagging breast appearance and wants to have a firmer appearance without undergoing surgery to achieve it.

It has been proven a healthy and safer route to undertake as said by many women that used the product who are happy with the visible results.However to be on the safe side, women lactating and those pregnant should refrain from the use of the product, some people are prohibited to use the product to avoid problems, but should consult their doctors first before taking it, such as those with certain diseases that are already on drugs for the illness such as cancer, diabetes and others. But those ob birth controls can use it as it does not affect the effects of the pills.

However, breast actives natural enhancement pills is a non surgical remedy to small breast. Women from different races, status, and background, all can afford to use the pills to attain the best body look they want at anytime since it is cheap and does not have any health problems related to it.

Want to learn more about Breast Actives? Breast enhancement with Breast Actives is just one of the ways to increase the size of the breast.

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