We all know the general consensus for losing weight is to consume fewer calories than we burn off in a day to assist us shed weight. However it can take time, so lots of individuals are looking for outside assistance to help increase the process.

One weight reduction aid that’s very advantageous in helping people shed weight is the traditional Green tea. Green tea is shown to have an impact on our insulin levels and help regulate them and assist to lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides. It is also thought that Green Tea increases the speed of our metabolism making us burn off fat quickly and even switches off the receptors in the brain that gives us the urge to eat.

Furthermore, Green Tea is overall very wholesome unlike lots of other weight reduction aids. Green tea contains very potent antioxidants that help to keep our bodies healthy and free of disease by fighting harmful free radicals. A diet that’s rich in Green Tea and other antioxidants has been linked to a reduction in the risk of cancer and heart diseases. So Green Tea not only helps you shed the fat but it has health advantages galore which will maintain you not only slim, but healthy too.

So how does Green tea work?

Studies have shown that you will find three primary fundamental elements in Green Tea that has been proven to possess a dramatic impact on weight reduction.

  • Caffeine – Green tea contains a a lot lesser quantity of caffeine than Coffee or Black tea. The amount of caffeine in Green tea does not appear to have the same effects that transpire with other caffeinated products. Green tea does not cause heart palpitations or the shakes, it does nevertheless assist to speed up one’s metabolism. Studies have shown that individuals who are on a low calorie diet who consist of caffeine in their diet on a daily basis will shed a lot more weight than those who don’t include caffeine in their diet.
  • Catechins – Are the antioxidants that are discovered in Green tea. Catechins are Polyphenolic antioxidant plant metabolites, to be specific, flavonoids called flavan-3-ols. They can be found in many plants including the coffee plant and the cocoa plant, but the best origin of catechins is from the tea plant Camellia sinensis. Green tea is considered a a lot better source of catechins than those from Black tea simply because Black tea is fermented and this changes the catechins. Green tea on the other hand, is unfermented which leaves the catechins in their natural state. Catechins are really advantageous to weight reduction simply because they’re believed to assist suppress lipid (fat) absorption from food. This also helps reduce cholesterol but also assists to combat the build up of system fat.
  • Theanine – This is the core amino acid found in Green Tea. Theanine has a natural ability to alter mood and a sense of calm and balance in the body, it helps to release Dopamine, the chemical produced by the brain that provides a sense of tranquillity in the system. It also minimises the side effects that Caffeine can have on the body, which is why the caffeine found in Green Tea does not seem to possess a excellent impact. While Theanine isn’t in itself a weight loss aid but by inducing a calming mood it may stop people eating as a result of feeling stressed.