It’s one thing to be able to find the right bra size but what about the type of bra? From pushups to seamless bras, there may be some styles you aren’t familiar with. Learn how to get the best bra for your buck by finding out what bra types are out there and what each style can do for you. You may find just the bra you’ve been searching for.

Most women know that bras fall under different categories: sports bras, training bras, maternity bras etc. But there is also a whole different sub-section of bras that deal with how they support your breasts and appear underneath clothing. Intimate apparel designers have been developing bras that cater to each woman’s specific needs when it comes to their bras. Lucky for you, by knowing the details about these new types of bras, you’ll be able to find the right ones to give you comfortable support while feeling sexy underneath your clothes.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular bras on the market today is the pushup bra. As the name implies, this type of bra is designed to create cleavage and give your chest a boost by literally pushing up your breasts. Push Up bras use special pads that are built into the bra to achieve the illusion of a fuller bust. Many pushup bras also enlist the help of an underwire.

Underwire bras are ideal for giving a woman full support by using a wire built into the lining of the bottom of the bra cups. Having an underwire in a bra can help with lifting the breasts, although some women find them uncomfortable. You can find many bras without underwires if you don’t like dealing with them.

For women who want a bra that looks good underneath a blouse with a plunging neckline, the demi cup bra is the answer. This bra type has cups that cover half of the breast and comes up to just above the nipple.

The opposite of the demi cup bra is the full cup bra. These cups cover most of the breasts and are usually sought out by women with larger busts for maximum support and comfort. Full cup bras come with and without an underwire.

One of the most recent bra types that are gaining popularity is the convertible bra. The great thing about this bra is that it comes with removable straps that can be worn any way you see fit. If you have a halter top, a blouse with a “toga” style showing one shoulder or a top that shows both shoulders, you can manipulate your straps in order to enjoy full support without others seeing your pesky bra strap.

Seamless bras are also the latest and greatest invention in the intimate apparel industry. How many times have you worn a sleek and form-fitting top that was ruined by the bulging lines of your bra? To combat this, the seamless bra was created. This bra is made of smooth and soft, foam-like material that allow it to be virtually invisible under any blouse, no matter how form-fitting.