Healthy eating is becoming a more important factor for health and quality of life for each of us. Various studies tell what is good and what is bad and some of them how certain foods affect the body. This man has done just that. He feed himself healthy for years, then for the purposes of this experiment decided to enter large amounts of sugar in his body.

The thing that you do not eat sweets, do not necessarily mean that you do not enter a dangerous amount of sugar per day. Read what happened to an Australian who ate healthy for years, then for the purposes of this experiment in his body decided to import large amounts of sugar.

This is his story:– And every free man in his 30s, I had many bad habits. I smoked a pack of cigarettes per day and when it comes about the food, I was not careful at entering healthy food, I was eating everything. But as usually happens with men, I met a beautiful woman for which I started pretending to have an interest for all sorts of things, which was actually clueless. Healthy food, shakes and cucumber, avocado and bread, chia seed – it became part of my life. Until then I’ve been consuming about 30 teaspoons of sugar per day, like any average person who loves sweets and then reduce that figure to almost zero.

After two months, people started to notice positive changes in my appearance – my skin has become cleaner, no more dark circles under my eyes and had significantly improved in my stomach. Three years later, I got an offer to shoot a short film and since it was full of talk about the negative influence of sugar, got the idea to do this thing. Namely, when it comes to sugar, people usually fall into two camps. One say that sugar is toxic and should completely be avoided, while others consider it is an important element of the diet. That is why I decided to do a little experiment. I daily consumed 40 teaspoons of sugar, through the products we all eat, juices, sweets and other foods. I organized a team of doctors to follow the changes in my body for 60 days. I stopped with my healthy diet as I could document the results of the experiment and to present them to the public in the form of a documentary. Before you start recording, I completely stopped eating sweets.  Did you know that barbecue sauce and sweet chilli sauces contain more calories than chocolate syrup? So the amount of sugar I enter originated exclusively from products such as cereals, yogurt and various sports drinks.

All other habits have kept the results in order to be as precise. At the beginning a few people expressed interest in my film, but then something happened that made a turn. In just 12 days I’ve put 3 kg and after 18 days my doctors diagnosed fatty liver. In fact, our liver converts excess sugar into fat, so many people in the West have fatty liver. This was precisely the fact that the film was based on. I called the producer and to announce the results, so the interest in the film got a completely different dimension. It is made to be interesting to watch both children and adults, which was the goal – to penetrate through the veil of ignorance and to send a message just to those people who need it most.

By the end of the experiment I gained weight of 8.5 kg, developed a propensity for type 2 diabetes, had fatty liver, increased risk of heart disease and increased waist to 10 inches. Sugar is one of the biggest dangers of today, who’s silently killing people.